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San Antonio Car Accident Attorney

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How Common Is It For Someone To Get A Concussion In A Car Wreck?

San Antonio Car Accident Attorney
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Getting into a car accident can have a variety of consequences. In certain cases, tiny scrapes on the arm or face can be all that is required to injure a person. Others, on the other hand, suffer considerably more significant injuries. A concussion is one of the most common injuries sustained in a car accident.

It is common to think that concussions are not that significant because they can occur in a variety of ways. The fact that a concussion can be life-threatening is a common misunderstanding. Learn more about concussions and what to do if you get one after a vehicle accident by reading the information below.

Increasing Our Knowledge of Concussions

Many people are familiar with the term “concussion” and what it entails. However, you may not know much more about them than the fact that they are caused by a hit to the head.

If you ask a doctor about concussions, they’ll tell you that they’re actually traumatic brain injuries. A concussion can occur as a result of being struck in the head, falling, or any other event that causes your brain to be shaken or jarred. Even though there are no obvious signs of damage, this is still the case.

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When someone suffers a concussion, they may lose consciousness or pass out. However, for others, the incident that resulted in their concussion is completely blank in their minds hours or days after it occurred. Then again, there are a lot of people who do not show any symptoms of a concussion, despite the fact that they have one.

Symptoms And Consequences Of A Head Injury

While a full recovery is the most usual outcome for persons who have suffered a concussion, several alternative outcomes are possible as well. Rest and recuperation are not an exception. Some people recover from a concussion in just a few hours. Getting back to one’s usual self can take some people a few weeks.

A concussion can have positive effects for some people, but this isn’t the case for everyone. A permanent impairment is not out of the question for people who suffer an injury like this.

When You Suspect You’ve Had a Concussion, Here’s What To Do.

After a vehicle accident, many people experience such high levels of adrenaline that they believe they are in perfect health. Someone else close to the injured individual may notice the changes in their temperament and other aspects first. After a car accident, it is critical to undergo a medical checkup. This will either make you aware that you have a concussion or allow a doctor to confirm what you previously assumed – you are alright. But it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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